Augury – Concealed

By Adam Wills

Despite the fact that I don’t listen to a lot of death metal nowadays, there are still some gems that come along every now and then that I can’t stop listening to. Back in 2004, I came across the debut album from Quebec’s AUGURY, Concealed – a smorgasbord of technical riffing, flowing and intriguing songwriting, and a vocal attack ranging from the fierce growls and piercing black metal vocals of front-man Pat Loisel, to the beautiful operatic stylings of ex-member Arianne Fleury. Thanks to local label Sonic Unyon, this album will once again see the light of day.

Bound in a new digipak format, featuring updated artwork, a remastered sound and two new bonus tracks consisting of demo tracks to their 2009 album, Fragmentary Evidence, Concealed still has the same crushing effect today as it did seven years ago.

While their sound has slightly evolved from their initial album to their sophomore release, the feel behind it remains the same, described perfectly on the cover art – planets colliding and consuming one another amidst the infinite expansion of space.

(Sonic Unyon Metal)

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