Suicidal Angels – Dead Again

By Rob Kachluba

First thing that stands out on Suicidal Angels’ third album is the striking artwork for Dead Again courtesy of Ed Repka, with floating zombie like creatures moving through a graveyard done in a mirage of blues. This is one of the better covers you will see all year. Last year’s Sanctify The Darkness was a decent enough affair but it seemed a bit disjointed to me and by the middle to end of the record it all became too redundant for my tastes. No worries about that happening on Dead Again. This band is on a mission. “Reborn in Violence” and “Bleeding the Holocaust” are monster riff infested thrash numbers with well written choruses to die for. “The Trial” starts off with a killer mid-paced guitar riff that could of found itself on Kreator’s Extreme Aggression album; around the minute mark it blasts off into a frenzy of riffing. You hear a lot of Kreator and Reign in Blood era Slayer on Dead Again, but that’s not a bad thing right. You could hit shuffle on this CD and not find one daft track. This band seems really focused and what sets them apart from all the other Johnny come lately thrash acts is they write simple songs that have just the right amount of riffs placed in the right spot without oversaturating the song. Every riff is placed where it needs to be. Also, they write dark powerful choruses that are to the point which again brings me back to the great 80s thrash acts. They get it. Simple powerful riff infested songs with driving choruses that make you want to get up and headbang. I’m surprised Nuclear Blast let this one get away. Along with Legion Of The Damned, Suicidal Angels are putting out top notch second division quality thrash metal and amen to that. Here’s hoping they get to North America for a nice support slot sometime soon.


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