Birth A.D. – Stillbirth Of A Nation

By Keith Carman

Few can argue that there’s a severe distinction between revivalist music and something that truly was “born at the wrong time.” When it comes to Birth A.D. and debut effort Stillbirth Of A Nation, these overtly insane Texans (better known as black metallers Averse Sefira) fit smack-dab into the latter territory. A searing dose of original formative crossover/speed metal, every aspect of these 10 tracks is a convincing argument that both band and release were actually the biggest influence on genre cohorts such as Cryptic Slaughter, Corrosion Of Conformity and Dirty Rotten Imbeciles—maybe even Suicidal Tendencies—as opposed to the other way around. From anti-political lyrics, staccato attack and mutilating double-kick assault, words such as “relentless” and “furious” take on fresh perspective with these volatile albeit ephemeral songs. Refusing to lay off the influences, the band then taps the likes of S.O.D. for “Kill Everybody” while creating a vicious Scum-meets-Discharge-influenced linear riff on “Parasites Die.” At that, the tune’s underlying backup vocals would make The Accused and Rigor Mortis seethe with envy. Essentially, Stillbirth Of A Nation is everything current acts such as Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and other thrash-aping act wish they could be without so much as ruffling their denim-covered leather. Moreover, basic production values reminiscent of basements, tin cans and very few dollars is almost advantageous, it brings extra life and vitality to the whopping 20-minute experience. While not incredibly prodigious or on-the-ball (Stillbirth Of A Nation actually came out circa 2009 but the band is only now putting noses to grindstones), if this is what we can expect from future efforts, maybe it’s time Averse Sefira called it a day so that Birth A.D. may finally rise.


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