HELLBOUND RADIO: December 12th, 2010 playlist

110 centimetres of snow?! Of course, soon as I open my yap on-air to poke fun at Fearless Leader Palmerston going away on a pre-Christmas family vacation to a place where there’s a 110 centimetres of snow on the ground, it starts snowing like a mother fucker here in Hamilton. It may not have been anything near what Sean is experiencing up in his winter wonderland, but in order to make up for it, we played 110 centimetres of Drudkh.

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Your hosts are Albert Mansour, Sean Palmerston and Kevin Stewart-Panko


EXCITER – Stand Up and Fight (Heavy Metal Maniac, 1983)*
KNUT – Damned Extroverts (Wonder, 2010)
LANDMINE MARATHON – Certain Death (Rusted Eyes Awake, 2008)
TOTALT JAVLA MORKER – Var Verkliga Bur (Sondra & Harska, 2009)
DRUDKH – Forests in the Fire and Gold (Forgotten Legends – re-issue, 2010)
IN BATTLE – Madness (Welcome to the Battlefield, 2004)
MAGRUDERGRIND – Stagnant (Crusher, 2010)
BROKEN HOPE – Gorehog (Swamped in Gore, 1991)
DRUDKH – Eternal Sun (The Swan Road – re-issue, 2010)
EXHUMED – Casketkrusher (Gore Metal, 1998)
THE HOLY MOUNTAIN – Manufacturing Political Leverage (Enemies, 2006)
NAPALM DEATH – Taste the Poison (Enemy of the Music Business, 2000)
EVOCATION – Sweet Obsession (Apocalyptic, 2010)
DEFLESHED – Stripped to the Bone (Reclaim the Beat, 2005)
COLD MOURNING – Losing my Shadow (Lower Than Low, 2000)
NAKED CITY – Blood is Thin (Grand Guignol, 1992)
MITOCHONDRION – Trials (Parasignosis, 2011)*
SIX REASONS TO KILL – Cutting Away (Reborn, 2005)
ROTTING CHRIST – Demonon Vrosis (Aealo, 2010)
MELECHESH – Of Mercury and Mercury (Sphynx, 2003)
DRUDKH – Skies at our Feet (Estrangement – re-issue, 2010)
SEVEN WITCHES – Pounding Metal (City of Lost Souls, 2006)
FUCK THE FACTS – Dead End (Disgorge Mexico, 2008)*
OVERKILL – Weight of the World (I Hear Black, 1993)
THE OCEAN – She Was the Universe (Anthropocentric, 2010)
NAILBOMB – Vai Toma No Cu (Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide, 1995)
TOMBS – Gossamer (Winterhours, 2009)
EVILWAR – Memories From the Last One (Unholy March, 2001)
DRUDKH – Distant Cries of Cranes (Microcosmos, 2009)
MEGADETH – Rattlehead (Killing is My Business and Business is Good, 1985)
FACEBREAKER – Torn to Shreds (Infected, 2010)
MOTORHEAD – The One to Sing the Blues (It’s Almost 1916, 1991)
GORGUTS – Obscura (Obscura, 1998)*
AUTOPSY – Dark Crusade (Mental Funeral, 1991)
HEATHEN – Dying Season (The Evolution of Chaos, 2010)
* = Canadian content

Sean is the founder/publisher of Hellbound.ca; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.