Forbidden – Omega Wave

By Rob Kachluba

Back in the 80s during the 2nd wave of thrash metal, Forbidden played a more polished brand of thrash metal with dexterous playing, multiple time changes and a singer in Russ Anderson who could really sing. Now almost 15yrs since their last album, the nu metal leanings of Green, they have come back all guns blazing, melding the modern sounds of distortion and the complexity of Twisted Into Form.

The great pacing throughout the album makes you wonder why we haven’t heard such glorious blistering thrash from the lads earlier. Forbidden abandons any past or modern pretense and makes thrash metal vital again by combining heaviness, speed, melody, and technicality into a marvelously accessible package. The opening intro is a great twin guitar harmony that builds to a crescendo then followed by a ferocious opener that has a sense of urgency that says ‘we’re back so don’t fuck with us.’ “Forsaken at the Gates,” the blistering “Omega Wave,” “Immortal Wounds” and “Dragging My Casket” will soon be live staples. Of this I have no doubt.

Welcome back, Forbidden. It’s been a while, but Omega Wave was worth the wait.

(Nuclear Blast)

Rating: 8

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