Uriah Heep – Celebration


By Albert Mansour

Looking at this album the $64,000 question dawns on me – who is still here from the original Uriah Heep line up? Well, that is a good question and the answer is only Mick Box. Despite having only one original member, the band’s brand new album Celebration delivers to all their fans a fourteen track collection with an absolutely crushing set list. This celebration of forty years of rock is an album that has it all! It contains the best live performance I ever heard from Uriah Heep, chock full of their excellent lyrics and fine musicianship. This is a “must have” for those who take music seriously. An album which also shows that Uriah heep was and will continue to be ahead of there time. Led by the fine guitar soloing by Box, the group is stunning here, the songs are among Uriah Heep’s best, the recording sounds flawless. There is no reason not to own this album. If you’re new to Uriah this is a great place to start (along with their classic albums Demons And Wizards, Sweet Freedom, Very ‘Eavy Very ‘Umble and The Magician’s Birthday ). If you’ve heard some of the band’s stuff and are looking for more, look no further. A genuinely awesome album to listen to that contains music that will blow you away every time you listen to it. The best way of describing Uriah Heep is like aging wine, the older they get the better they get. Tossing in a bonus DVD into the Celebration digipack set was like throwing gasoline into the fire. There are some of my personal favorite tracks on this video, which was recorded live Sweden Rock Festival 2009. The Seven track DVD starts with “Sunrise.” It contains some of Uriah Heep’s hidden songs which have aren’t been played in years. “Stealin,” “Gypsy,” “Look At Yourself,” “July morning,” “Easy livin” and “Lady in Black” round off the DVD. A must for any Uriah heep fan.

(Ear Music)


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