Vampire Mooose – The Reel

vampire mooose

By Laina Dawes

This is one of those bands where the record label really had to work on their press release. There was a bit of anticipation when The Reel is described as ‘unrelenting’ and ‘unique’ when it is actually a pretty bland collection of death / metal core tunes in which there is nothing that really stands out. I listened to this about three times and what I usually do is listen without even looking at the titles, waiting for a track to jump out at me first, but even after spending some good quality time – time that at my age I really need – I have to say that there are no real differentiations between them.

Besides the name of the band, the supposedly ironic but unintentionally lame titles (“Somebody Kill Don Henley” and “Lions of Whoa”) this band is really trying hard to make themselves stand out but I’m not hearing it.

(Rotten Records)

Rating: 5.0

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