World Junior Hockey Final tonight – CANADA or USA To Win?


As many of you already know, I am a huge hockey fan and not just of the big boys in the NHL either. Nope, I love watching AHL, Olympic Hockey, OHL, Ontario Senior A (go Dundas Real McCoys!) and I am a really big fan of the World Junior Hockey Championships.

The WJHC’s, which are being held this year in Saskatoon SK, home of Hellbound’s own Adrien Begrand, is some of the finest non-professional hockey in the world. It’s the proving ground for many amateur players before they get drafted into the NHL and it is something that Canada usually does very well at.

Now I am not usually a betting man, but tonight I am making an exception. My pal Eli Shaika over at Relapse Records dropped me an email this afternoon, asking me if I would be willing to have a friendly wager on tonight’s game. Now Mr. Shaika is a man who knows his hockey. He is a diehard Philadelpha Flyers fan (much like our own Rob Kachluba is) and gets the game, something I can’t always say for all American sports fans. So when he asked me if I’d be into a bet, how could I refuse?

When asked for a quote about tonight’s game, Mr Shaika had the following to say: “Tonight, the US takes away from Canada the only thing it could brag about (other than poutine)….North America is ours!” I am not in agreement with him, I think that Canada has a very good chance to win tonight as well, so here’s hoping that our Canadian boys stick it to the US Juniors tonight! It’s gonna be a good game, and one you don’t want to miss.

Who do you think is going to win tonight’s game? TEAM CANADA or TEAM USA? Let us know what team you are rooting for tonight!

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