Mob Rules: Radical Peace

Mob Rules - Radical Peace by Eneas

By Rob Kachluba

Remember back in the 80s all those great bands like Malice, Armored Saint, Icon. etc. that wrote killer anthemic songs with great riffing and soaring vocals? Well, oddly enough I get this same feeling on the opening track to the new album from these melodic power metal Germans. Now on album number seven, this is their heaviest release to date by far. They still retain a bit of a prog vibe but the way the riffs are written they just reek of full on power metal. Mostly midpaced in style, the songs really flow well throughout this concept album. There are hints of Queensryche and Dream Theater but the singer – who really shines on this album – does his own thing. He has a really nice midrange and only goes into the higher register for atmosphere. Lots of huge choruses and catchy verses in every track. Believe me folks, this ain’t the kind of power metal that is full of Cheese. This is classy stuff. AFM have been on roll lately with the new Brainstorm and Dark Age CDs and now this. May the streak continue!

(AFM Records)

Rating: 8.0

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