Doomriders: Darkness Come Alive


By Keith Carman

Four years after their debut effort Black Thunder—though they have a number of EPs and other releases—apocalyptic groove-metal brigade Doomriders unleash what is easily their most accomplished effort in sophomore affair Darkness Come Alive. Pulling influence from guitarist/vocalist Nate Newton’s hardcore background yet letting aspects of guttural rock ‘n’ roll, bombastic thrash metal and the occasional progressive element infiltrate their style, the quartet has concocted a refined recipe for upbeat, aggressive songs bolstered by subtle melodies and massive, unsettling dirges. Thick and abrasive, tracks such as “Heavy Lies The Crown” amalgamate almost opposing aspects via a Leviathan-esque Mastodon influence coupled with High On Fire’s uncomplicated, sinister overtones. Switching gears, the likes of “The Equalizer” could easily be on one of Sick Of It All’s finest, provided Lemmy held down the low end. Comprehensive yet refined, the union of extreme influences, instinctual prowess and rugged beauty on Darkness Come Alive is nothing less than impressive.

(Deathwish Inc.)


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