CAULDRON Invade Hellbound Radio This Sunday!


It’s special guest time again this weekend on Hellbound Radio! This Sunday night we will be joined in the INDI 101 studios by Toronto heavy metal trio CAULDRON to talk about the band, their debut album Chained To The Nite and metal in general. We’ll be spinning music from CAULDRON and have also asked them to bring in some of their own favourite CDs to spin on the show.

For those of you that have no idea what the hell we are talking about, Hellbound Radio is a weekly radio show here in beautiful Hamilton, Ontario. The show is hosted by Albert Mansour, Kevin Stewart-Panko and Sean Palmerston and plays a wide variety of metal from 1979 to present day releases. Previous in-station guests on the show have also included SACRIFICE and THREAT SIGNAL. Hellbound Radio airs Sunday nights from 9 PM till Midnight Eastern on INDI 101 FM in Hamilton – 101.5 FM in the Hamilton area or online at was in fact started as an offshoot of the radio show in June 2009 by yours truly and features many writers that used to write for the print versions of Metal Maniacs and Unrestrained!, both of which are now discontinued. The Cauldron album Chained To The Nite was named the #5 Best Canadian album of 2009 by the staff – – and here is what our own Metal George Pacheco had to say about it:

“As evidenced by their dominating live show and rivet-tight debut album, Chained to the Nite, Toronto’s Cauldron have clearly emerged as one of Canada’s most dominating metal forces, and a real feather in the cap for Earache Records and their respective roster. Effortlessly combining legit old school cred with an equal amount of melodic—and deceptively involved—musicianship, the blokes formerly known as Goat Horn have actually managed to eclipse even their own sturdy metal past by releasing a nearly flawless debut; one which encapsulates everything heavy metal was, is and should be, to electrifying effect. They just don’t make ‘em quite like this anymore, people.”

The band recently released a music video for the track “Chained Up In Chains” that was filmed partially at a December show at Toronto’s Opera House venue. Please check it out below – and make sure to tune in on Sunday night!

Sean is the founder/publisher of; he has also written about metal for Exclaim!, Metal Maniacs, Roadburn, Unrestrained! and Vice.