GWAR Meets The Six Year Old!

Gwar, Beefcake the Mighty, Oderus Urungus

Photos by Albert Mansour

When it was announced that GWAR would be doing an in-store at London ON’s ZEUS CD Plus record store I asked my son Kieran if he’d like to go and get his photo taken with the band. I thought it would make for a neat little feature here on So, I mentioned to Sarah from Metal Blade Canada that we were going to make the drive up from Hamilton to London to take some photos and she offered for us to go to the show too.

The entire GWAR entourage was very cool to my son and I, letting Albert take some pics of him with them since he was a kid. “Kids are cool,” said Beefcake when we asked, so we took a bunch of pics, both Beefcake and Odurus signed Kieran’s copy of the new CD, the staff at ZEUS gave Kieran a huge poster for the in-store and Kieran absolutely loved the whole experience, including the show later that night.

When asked what his Hellbound rating of the show would have been out of 10, Kieran told me it was definitely 1005/10. So, I guess he enjoyed himself. Here are some pictures below.








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