Vader: Necropolis


By Rob Kachluba

Going strong now since the early 90s, Vader keeps getting better and better with each subsequent release. Considered the death metal version of Slayer they are the leaders of the Polish death metal scene and, with this album, soon the planet. First off,the production on the album is huge. It is heavy and the band’s playing tight as hell. Vocalist Peter also has an awesome gutural voice in which every note can be heard. First track “Devilizer” starts off with a killer midpaced riff that’s just heavy as hell and continues throughout the song. Next up, “Rise of the Undead” opens with their trademark blasts that really focuses on the drums.The whole band really shines throughout the album. Every song is a winner and I believe this will make a lot of peoples top ten lists at year’s end.

(Nuclear Blast)


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