Trouble: Psalm 9/The Skull (reissues)

Trouble - Psalm 9 - Front

By Sean Palmerston

Chicago metal quintet Trouble were definitely a unique band in the American metal scene of the ’80s. Playing as slow and doom-y as Black Sabbath with twin lead guitarists obviously influenced by the likes of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden was almost unheard of when their 1984 debut album Psalm 9 was released. Throughout the next ten years, the band released six outstanding albums that helped usher in a new wave of doom metal and stoner rock bands in the early ’90s. Sadly, most of their albums are long out of print, which makes Escapi’s decision to reissue the first two in expanded, remastered formats that much sweeter. Released individually in slipcase, two-disc versions, both 1984’s Psalm 9 and the following year’s The Skull have been digitally remastered, and are much louder and clearer than the original CD issues. Not a lot is offered as bonus tracks — the band’s cover of Cream’s “Tales Of Brave Ulysses,” a b-side from a single, is tacked onto the first one and nothing on the second — but the aforementioned bonus discs are DVDs contain some interesting artefacts. The first has a 1982 Chicago cable access show on the band featuring three (mimed) live performances and interviews, while the second has a complete live show from 1984 taped right after the band finished recording their second album. The quality of both is poor, but archival footage like this is invaluable to long-time fans of the band and an interesting watch to those curious. It’s nice to have these classic albums made widely available again and thankfully Escapi has done a bang up job putting these together. Well done.




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