Thin Lizzy: Still Dangerous


By Keith Carman

Released in 1978, Thin Lizzy’s Live & Dangerous is considered essential. An about-face to the band’s hit-and-miss studio output of the time, that offering boasts a tight, almost untouchable act. Therefore, news of a follow-up effort recorded around the same time, Still Dangerous: Live at the Tower Theater Philadelphia 1977 comes across as a double-edged sword. Will it rock as much as its predecessor or be another pinprick to the deflating balloon that Lizzy became? Thankfully, the situation is a rousing former. Featuring ten previously-unreleased versions of tunes ranging from the subtle bluesiness of “Soldier Of Fortune” through obligatory rockers “Jailbreak,” “Boys Are Back In Town” and shuffling “Don’t Believe A Word,” bassist/vocalist Phil Lynott, drummer Brian Downey, and guitarists Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson are all spot-on. Energetic, tight and boisterous, the album’s fifty minutes are endlessly compelling and exciting. Aptly-named, Still Dangerous proves that while Lynott-era Thin Lizzy may have burned bright and fast, the lingering effects last indelibly.

(VH1 Classics)


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