Spheric Universe Experience: Unreal


By Rob Kachluba

Here is a another fantastic slab of progressive metal via the fine folks over at Sensory. Actually, more accurately, this is a perfectly tuned mixture of both prog and power metal. Unreal is this French band’s third release overall; it takes the best qualities of their two previous albums, Mental Torments and Anima, while updating their sound to make it their most cohesive effort yet. This release also has them going for a warmer sound: the melodies are stronger, something which could be attributed to the keyboards being more prominent in the mix, but their overall skill level definitely helps too. This band is so talented it is scary. They really can play. The songwriting is mature and individual – it really helps when a band achieves their own sound and that is something this lot has done here. If you are a fan of fine original, heavy prog metal with a little bit of power crunch thrown into it then do yourself a favor and grab this.




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