Metal Blade Records: 25th Anniversary DVD


By Sean Palmerston

Filmed live at the Palladium in Worchester MA in April of 2007, this historic DVD document is a great snapshot of stalwart US indie label Metal Blade’s then-current roster. The label actually took over the second day of the 2007 New England Metal Fest: only Metal Blade bands played all day and this DVD features a few songs from most of the bands that played. Only a few groups didn’t make it onto the final track listing. Of those that did, the highlights include The Red Chord and Unearth, who are essentially both playing hometown shows and totally have the crowd eating out of their palms, the frantic blackened metal of Louisiana’s Goatwhore (look for an interview with them about their killer new album on in the weeks to come) and Cannibal Corpse, who have always impressed me much more live than on album. The bonus features included on the DVD includes backstage footage shot at the Palladium, most of  which has the bands discussing their admiration for the label they are signed to. It’s a bit of a love-in, truth be told, but at the same time who in their right mind is going to go on film and air any problems they have with their own record label on a DVD celebrating said label. Know what I mean?

(Metal Blade)


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