Devin Townsend Project: Ki


By Matt Lewis

Ki is the first of Devin’s new project of a scheduled four album release set under the moniker Devin Townsend Project. At times heavy and laden with frustration, it gives a sense of searching. It is a release of emotion and past demons with tracks swirling from relaxation and a longing to let go. This is Devin coming to terms with past influences and moving on to new sounds. Overall the album gives a sense of reflection from where Devin has been to where he is going musically in his genius little brain. This album has moments of absolute beauty to absolute anger and sadness with seamless transition. “Terminal” and “Heaven Send” are a great example of this. “Terminal” is a soft and tranquilizing track that leads into “Heaven Send,” the album’s heaviest track. It is the climax of the frustration and anger, with past glories of Strapping Young Lad mixed in. Following “Heaven Send” the album slowly winds down to an even keel. This is Devin at his most focused in years since Accelerated Evolution, one his greatest works. Any Devin Townsend fan would enjoy the album and left with anticipation and excitement to what is in store for the three follow ups.

(Inside Out/SPV)

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