Zodiac Mindwarp

Zodiac Mindwarp: The Hellbound Interview, Part 1

“Touring is the greatest fun in the world for me! I love being out on the road, but I wish I could see some of the cities! Rome? Yeah, it was great! It was a black room with amplifiers and another room on the side with cocks drawn all over the wall…oh and Paris was like that as well, wasn’t it? And Greece was like that with a hangover on the airplane! I’m well traveled!”

Jason Wellwood interviews shock rock vocalist ZODIAC MINDWARP about the release of his new album We Are Volsung.

Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction – We Are Volsung

People reading this review will probably be split in two groups: the people who have no frackin’ clue who Zodiac Mindwarp is and the people who thought he died after 1988’s Tattooed Beat Messiah. There might be a couple of you who know that Zodiac has been (not so) quietly making new records and playing gigs ever since being dropped from his label in 1990. However, this is the first record in 20 years that actually has a label attached to it with any sort of clout and SPV have jumped on at an absolutely brilliant point. We Are Volsung is a monster hard rock record!

Jason Wellwood praises the latest release from the relatively obscure Zodiac Mindwarp, who together with The Love Reaction, have released a gem entitled “We Are Volsung”