Lake Of Blood/ Tempest @ Garbage Mountain, Vancouver BC, June 11, 2011

“Lake of Blood’s performance was entirely mesmerizing: guitarists Nordic and Samael, and bassist Krajavic appear to weave themselves into trances through the set. And singer Haagr is a man possessed, tearing his throat out baying at the sky. The music is full of nuance and subtlety at times too, and I hear definite hints of Xasthur in what Lake of Blood does, at least atmospherically.”

Kyle Harcott reviews the June 11th Vancouver performance by Lake Of Blood and Tempest at Garbage Mountain. Live concert photography by Siamak Amini.

Imperial of Krieg: The Hellbound Interview

“The other reason is that people want to tag bands with some political name; especially if you don’t denounce the group they say you are a part of. I won’t denounce any political movements. One, I’m not a part of them and it’s not my place. And two, I believe in free speech and free expression. If someone wants to go out and be a part of a movement even if I don’t agree with it it’s not my place to step in. I’m not an activist, I’m not as politician. I have enough problems of my own and I don’t need to start a war with any specific movement.”

Justin M. Norton in conversation with Krieg founder and main man (and sometime Twilight collaborator) Imperial.