Witch Mountain

The great Witch Mountain gig that nobody saw…

When Witch Mountain first came to town in June, playing on a killer bill with Castle and Blood Ceremony, it went down as one of, if not the best gig I’ve seen in Toronto this year. At the time, Rob Wrong had said something about them coming back in the fall, and thus I was pleased, if not entirely surprised, when I found out they’d be making a return trip in October. But, truth be told, the excitement of seeing them the first time wasn’t equaled by the return visit–and neither was the turnout at the second gig, for that matter.

Hammers of Misfortune

Hammers of Misfortune / The Gates of Slumber / Castle / Kosmograd @ The Courthouse, Toronto ON, July 27, 2012

“This show was a long time coming. A few years after making their Canadian debut in Hamilton, Hammers of Misfortune finally made it all the way to Toronto – and brought The Gates of Slumber with them to boot! These two combined made this a must see for me since I love both bands and had never seen TGOS live before. And what a show it was!”

Live review by Sean Palmerston; Live photos and video by Adam Wills