Völur – Disir

I’ve seen this Toronto trio live at least a couple times, most recently opening for The Body atop a skateboard ramp on Bathurst. The bass/drums/violin…

Contest : Hail!

It’s time for a contest you don’t want to miss, folks! WIN: Admission to the Battle of the Gods! CROMLECH / ELFSPELL / ISCHEMIC…

AC/DC from the front row…and the not-so-cheap seats

Hard to tell from watching these guys that AC/DC is in their sixties. Seeing em live in 2015 wasn’t all that different from watching em 7, 15 or 19 years ago. But you sorta get the feeling it’s their last tour, and they saved their best for the occasion. Not just the obvious cuts like Back in Black and Thunderstruck…but the mid-set sequence of Sin City, Shot Down in Flames and Have a Drink on Me.