Titan’s Eve

Titans Eve – Life Apocalypse

What Titans Eve has managed to do with an album based on hardship is inject an air of triumph into their catchy delivery. The uplifting nature that saturates the album brings hope that no matter what we face in our lives, all our life apocalypses, the strength to rise above them is within us all.

Powerchord 25th Anniversary with WOODS OF YPRES and the Powerchord bands!

“Woods of Ypres took to the stage about eleven, instantly at home on the Rickshaw’s roomy stage. From the opening rooooaaaaarrr of ‘The Sea of Immeasurable Loss’, it was evident that this was an even stronger band than the already-way-impressive unit I saw last year.”

Kyle Harcott reviews the 25th anniversary party for Vancouver’s Powerchord radio show on CITR, which featured Woods of Ypres, Titan’s Eve and more at the Rickshaw Theatre. Concert photography by Ted Reckoning.

Titan’s Eve – The Divine Equal

“Titan’s Eve manage to sound like seasoned veterans, no subtle nods to the old school or blatant attempts to make ‘nouveau’ thrash are present although it’s obvious that the band has done its homework. It’s also obvious that the band is ambitious: their debut album is a concept album based on The Book of Genesis and Milton’s Paradise Lost.”

Jason Wellwood reviews the independently released debut from Titan’s Eve, entitled “The Divine Equal”.