Postcards From Natalie Zed: Lucky #13

For her lucky number thirteen installment of her ongoing postcards series, Ms. Natalie Zed offers up five new reviews on bands such as Melechesh, Suidakra, TesseracT and Sylvus . So, without further adieu, here is another installment in her series of bite-sized critiques.

Sylvus: All For One

Sylvus are a Toronto, ON-based band that have undergone significant transformations. After going on hiatus for a year, they returned to the stage with a completely new aesthetic, songs and bassist. They play black metal with tinges of pagan folk and almost otherworldly hints of psychedelic noise. Their music is by turns thunderous, tender and startling; it also happens to be produced by some lovely human beings.

Natalie Zed in conversation with Toronto blackened pagan metal quartet Sylvus.

Triptykon / 1349 / Yakuza / Sylvus @ the Wreckroom, Toronto ON, October 11 2010

“Visually the band’s performance style is understated, but the smaller venue allowed them to overwhelm the space. Alongside the expected Triptykon material, sounding much like it does on record, the set list was Celtic Frost-heavy, songs like “Procreation (of the Wicked)” snarled out with vicious intensity.”

Laura Wiebe reviews the recent Toronto performance of Triptykon, who were joined by 1349, Yakuza and Sylvus.