stoner rock

Priestess: Prior to The Fire

Prior to The Fire is earnest but it’s easy to like, solid and tight. Everything just falls into place for Priestess in a charmed way on Prior to The Fire; it’s the ideal introduction to the band, and a calling card release.

Ararat: Musica de la Resistencia

South of the equator, one band single-handedly put stoner rock on the map: Argentina’s Los Natas. With their latest release, Nuevo Orden de la Libertad signalling a return to their heavy-rockin’ roots after some psychedelic detours, frontman Sergio Chotsourian lets his experimental side show with side-project Ararat.

Nightstalker: Superfreak

These guys don’t reinvent the wheel, but if you’re a fan of Monster Magnet, Lowrider, 90’s Nebula and/or Kyuss—and are looking for a band that’s currently releasing decent tuneage—then this record’s worth a listen.

The Company Band : s/t

Generally speaking, a band should be greater than the sum of its parts. Keith Carman isn’t sure that is the case with US super group The Company Band (although assuredly it must be better than that awful new band John Paul Jones is in).

Priestess: Prior To The Fire

Prior To The Fire sounds much more like Priestess does in a live setting, with songs like the sprawling “The Gem” showing them unafraid to stretch past the seven-minute mark while still retaining a strong pop hook in its chorus.