Southern Lord

Earth – Primitive and Deadly

I was certainly intrigued by this latest Earth album. Although their newer stuff has been more Americana—not that there’s anything wrong with that—advance singles…

BL’AST! – Blood

Hellbound Metal: “A long-lost recording from the California hardcore crew with the new guy from Alice in Chains, remastered by Dave Grohl himself? OK, so you’ve piqued my interest.”

Baptists: Bushcraft

The songs are the thing, riffs and hooks left and right that snatch your breath, but it’s the squeezed-fist-grip-on-your-heart attack that makes Baptists your better-than-average d-beat plus metal guitars unit.

High on Fire – The Art of Self-Defense

Though the original contained just six tracks, Southern Lord has beefed this edition up with a trio of demos and a Celtic Frost cover. But really, that’s just the icing on the cake (if you’re into vanilla frosting). These tunes stand alone without the added filler.