Those of you who were disciples to Adrian Bromley’s Unrestrained! are well familiar with Rimshots. Those of you who read Decibel (and there’s absolutely no reason not to!) may have noticed a similar, digital-age inspired endeavour entitled ‘Tweets for Twats.’ Those of you old enough to remember will notice how I ripped this idea off from Ron Quintana’s ‘Ron’s Retarded Record Reviews’. What happens is that I review new releases using two or three sentences max. Act like a wiseass and, sometimes, hilarity ensues.

Chaos Synopsis: Kvlt Of Dementia

Chaos Synopsis is a Brazilian based thrash/death metal band that has recently released their first full length album. They play a highly intensive, brutal, aggressive and fast style of metal that is very similar to early Slayer.

Slayer: Preparing for a World Painted Blood

“I can imagine myself at 75 looking like Charlie Watts playing speed metal,” says Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. “I’m OK with that. I don’t know about the other guys. I’ll keep playing, though, and as long as Slayer needs me, I’ll be here. Whatever they wanna do.”

Keith Carman speaks to Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo about their new upcoming album, World Painted Blood, and what the future holds for the legendary Southern California metal band.

Dragonslayer: Dragonslayer

A quick run down on Dragonslayer: this four piece English band was originally called ‘Heavy Thunder in its infancy, then in 1980 they changed their name to Slayer. In 1983 to stop any confusion with the American band named Slayer, who had just released their debut album Show No Mercy, they changed their name to Dragonslayer.