Obscura – Omnivium

One believes that what makes Omnivium a successful album is that it is willing to take chances, whether it be playing a slower, more intricate melodic passage when the listener is expecting a battering ram riff, or indoctrinating your ears with further gravity blast bliss and shredding guitar when the average human’s arms and headbanging cranium would want to fly off.

Hail! Hornet – Disperse the Curse

What do you get when you cross Dixie Dave with T-Roy Medlin? Well, whatever it is, it can be found in Hail! Hornet, a Carolina sludge supergroup combining the forces of two of the state’s biggest names with a couple former members of Sourvein and Alabama Thunderpussy.

Matt Harvey of Exhumed:The Hellbound Interview

“No one made me drive a van for ten hours. It was always my choice. I never felt sorry for myself. Some people would think it was foolish and others might think it was noble. I don’t get into blaming people; it was just different. I am just a regular guy who likes to drink beer and watch sports. But when I hang out with normal people I realize I’m not that normal.”

On the eve of the release of their first new album in more than six years Justin M. Norton speaks with EXHUMED guitarist and vocalist Matt Harvey.