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Paul Speckmann: The Hellbound Interview

Paul Speckmann has been playing death metal longer than many fans of the genre have been walking the planet. The Chicago native started his long-running project Master in 1983. He’s also played with other bands including War Cry, Abominator and the Czech death metal band Krabathor. Dark Descent Records recently reissued his early band Death Strike’s demo Fuckin’ Death. Speckmann recently talked to Hellbound’s Justin M. Norton about the early days of Chicago death metal and his new life in Eastern Europe from his home in the Czech Republic.

Mayan – Quarterpast

It may take a few spins to really grasp it, but Quarterpast has enough major virtues making the effort worthwhile. Hopefully, if Mayan does decide to put out a second album they can smooth out the creases

Sepultura – Kairos

Kairos is definitely an album produced by a band that has seemingly stuck to their guns even when their decisions have divided their fan base. While not a huge progressive leap forward, it’s a great listen.

Amorphis – The Beginning Of Times

Ever since vocalist Tomi Joutsen joined the band four albums ago Amorphis has been on a consistent roll for the most part firing on all cylinders. Last album Skyforger was a huge hit on many of year end lists and is probably their best work yet. Now A Beginning of Times is good but maybe not up to the quality of there last three outings.