Napalm Records

Conan – Blood Eagle

I hope that when you hear the word “Conan” you don’t think first of the comedian. Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Robert E. Howard novels…

Finsterforst – Rastlos

I can’t say that Finsterforst are totally original, but they make up for any lack of creativity by bringing a contagious passion to a style of metal that has rarely resonated with me in recent years. They make a powerful case for the sheer grandeur of their music, which is pretty significant considering that the band sings mostly about the forest and the abuse of nature.

The 11th Hour – Lacrima Mortis

Album number two from The 11th Hour is darker and more bombastic than their debut. Throughout the album the two interweaving vocal styles add a lot of contrast, meaning the epic-length tracks never fall flat. Lacrima Mortis’ collection of harrowing tales is cloaked in a godforsaken veneer, and it’s a credit to Warby’s talents and songwriting ability that he manages to preserve that requiem-like atmosphere throughout.

Týr/ Crimson Shadows/ Bolero @ Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto, ON, April 30, 2010

Everything else fell away, however, when TÝR took the stage. I seemed as though I had handed the band a checklist of everything I hoped to see in their performance, and they generously met every request. They played “Hail to the Hammer,” “Hold The Heathen Hammer High,” and “Sinklars Visa;” Heri and Terji performed shirtless; they took long swigs from a bottle of rum throughout the performance.

Siegfried – Nibelung

On first listen, this album gave me visions of using it as a soundtrack to a documentary about people who are into epic fantasy role-playing. I can see the hordes of costumed Lord of the Rings fans clashing their replica swords on a battlefield to win the princesses hand

Elis: Catharsis

By Melissa Andrews Elis hails from the tiny country of Liechtenstein. Catharsis is their first release with new vocalist Sandra Schleret singing. Schleret is…

Leaves’ Eyes: Njord

The overall sound gives me an image of Viking Goths parading around in Scandinavia. On most of the songs they manage to sound well balanced between classical and metal without sounding too rock opera cheesy