Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu

The sense that both Lou Reed and Metallica are too proud and too set in their ways to give each other a little leeway in this collaboration ends up being Lulu’s defining trait. Each step of the way through this run-time, Reed plays the stoic artist of words and music has has always been, while Metallica simply grinds out repetitive riffs and rhythm figures as they have always done, each with little or no regard for what the other may be doing at the same time

Richard Christy: The Hellbound Interview

“If someone had told me fifteen years ago that I would have an indoor shower I would think they were crazy (laughs). I couldn’t imagine I’d be working on the Howard Stern show. When I lived in a storage unit in Florida I showered with a garden hose outside. But I was young and it was for metal and we all need to make sacrifices to do what we love. I kept working on things and plugging away and played drums every day.”

Justin M. Norton in conversation with Charred Walls of The Damned drummer and Howard Stern show comedian Richard Christy.

Hellbound Staff Interrogation #1: Adrien Begrand

With today being the second anniversary of the launch of (yay us!), we have decided to do short interviews with the staff of Hellbound so that you the readers can find out more about us and where we come from. Justin M. Norton came up with a bunch of questions, which we will be asking all of our current staff over the next few weeks.

Adrien Begrand was the first writer to sign on with Sean when he decided to start Hellbound, so he is the first one to be interviewed. Here is his interview below. Please enjoy

Thin Lizzy @ The Sound Academy, Toronto ON, March 30, 2011

“Starting the show off with a seamless segue from set opener “Are You Ready” straight into “Waiting For An Alibi”, it became clear right away that this wasn’t some thrown together slapdash attempt at cashing in on the band’s previous glories. This six piece band is tight as hell and know the material inside out.”

Sean Palmerston reviews the March 30th concert by Thin Lizzy at Toronto’s Sound Academy. Photos by Albert Mansour.