Matt Hinch

Auroch – From Forgotten Worlds

Death metal is becoming such a saturated genre that a new band may feel the need to stand out by doing something completely off the map. But I feel it’s just as important to simply stand up. Auroch hold their own with solid chops, memorable riffs and killer vocals.

Nihill – Verdonkermaan

Broken, beaten, scarred and bloody, Verdonkermaan is the aural equivalent of the worst Hostel/Saw environment imaginable. It’s bleak and cold, devoid of sustaining life and terrifying to its core. For all that, it’s a stunning and unforgettable album.

Corrosion of Conformity

In Conversation With…. Mike Dean of Corrosion Of Conformity

“Prior to Corrosion of Conformity embarking on a North American tour, on which the Kingston, Ontario date had just been canceled (re-booked for Barrie), I had the chance to have a conversation with bassist/vocalist Mike Dean. We discussed this year’s self-titled release, influences old and new, touring in Canada, and even the NHL lockout.”

Interview by Matt Hinch

Bison BC – Lovelessness

Like a good blues song Lovelessness connects with the listener. The heart feels what the musicians feel. Pain, sorrow, anger, joy and lovelessness. Bison filter those feelings through vicious heaviness and impactful songwriting. No matter the transition these Vancouverites do it seamlessly and effortlessly. Nothing sounds forced.

Samothrace – Reverence to Stone

On its surface, on a purely musical level, Reverence to Stone is a fantastic journey of ups and downs, rising to heights and crashing back down to earth, riding the waves and the winds of inner discovery. Add to that lyrics which can be interpreted in more than one way and you have an outstanding doom record itself worthy of reverence.

Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy

I admit when Cryptopsy first crossed my desktop I was hesitant. The clean vocals (and keyboards) of The Unspoken King left a sour taste in my mouth. Not knowing what I was getting myself in to, this self-titled rejuvenation far exceeded any expectations I had. Growing on me with every listen, Cryptopsy is becoming one of the most enjoyable death metal releases of 2012.

Black Moor – Lethal Waters

Lethal Waters is a surprisingly good take on traditional heavy metal in the vein of Iron Maiden (“Hellraiser”, “Midnight Warrior”, “Hatred’s Maze”) splashed with early 80’s thrash, particularly Megadeth (“Lethal Waters”, “Thunderhead”) and delivered without a hint of parody. This is genuine admiration channeled into a modern interpretation. These lads play from the heart and it shows