King’s X

Accept and King’s X–an odd couple, to be sure…

It takes a certain breed to travel roughly 600 miles, round trip, by Greyhound bus only to spend a total of 18 hours at the destination–a third of which was spent sleeping. But given the right motivation, I have done so on occasion and will do so again. Last nite, the occasion was the nearest stop on Accept’s North American reunion tour, in support of their new album, Blood of the Nations.

Blatant Self-Promotion: Porcupine Tree/King’s X Live Review on

While is definitely my main focus these days, every now and then I still write for other places when asked. Way back before I launched back on June 1st, a Toronto date for Porcupine Tree and King’s X was announced in Toronto for September 30th and I pitched Exclaim! on doing a review of it. True to my word, I went to the show and did the review for Exclaim!, who have posted it up online this morning.