Sonic Boom, Two Inches to the Left

There is an old episode of That 70’s Show where the Foremans hire Hyde’s stoner pal Leo (played by Tommy Chong) and his contractor buddy (a cameo from Richard Karn, aka “Al” from Home Improvement) to renovate their basement. The pothead contractors do their thing, much to Red and Kitty’s dismay, moving everything in the basement two inches to the left. I was reminded of this episode when I visited the new Sonic Boom on Bathurst today, right around the corner from their old space on Bloor. I had to wonder if the contractors who oversaw the relocation called their creation “Sonic Boom, Two Inches to the Left.”

Gwar, Beefcake the Mighty, Oderus Urungus

GWAR Meets The Six Year Old!

When it was announced that GWAR would be doing an in-store at London ON’s ZEUS CD Plus record store I asked my son Kieran if he’d like to go and get his photo taken with the band. I thought it would make for a neat little feature here on Some photos of the event can be seen within.