Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till and Wino: Songs of Townes Van Zandt

Distilling Van Zandt’s work down to a poignant acoustic framework (as he used to do so well in a live setting) brings the immediacy and lyrical genius of his work to the fore. However, not only does the album pay due respect to the influence Van Zandt has had on Kelly, Von Till and Wino, it also serves as a reminder of the sublime artistry that sits at the heart of their own work. If you can’t find something to latch onto among these nine hauntingly picturesque tracks, or recognize Kelly, Von Till and Wino’s own legacies at play, then it’s best you check your pulse to see if you’re even living.

Harvestman: In A Dark Tongue

In A Dark Tongue is built on the foundations of folk, yet wanders all over the musical soundscape throughout the 12 tracks, ranging from blissful layered guitar, to pounding electronic overtones, to a Gaelic inspired John Martyn cover. However, the album flows completely naturally, so the disjointed styles don’t seem out of place.