Harangue – Battle Not With Monsters

Harangue has delivered a concise EP filled with a sense of controlled anarchy. The energy level flogs the listener into submission and begs for repeated spins. It’s also that energy that’s sure to make their live performance a bruising affair. Battle not with moshers?

Vision of Disorder – The Cursed Remain Cursed

Disorder is the natural state of the universe. Life is disorder. No matter how much we try, any order we impose will eventually return to a state of disorder. The cursed remain cursed. That’s life. So one could view VOD as Vision of Life. They can see how messed up life is and channel that negative energy into one of 2012’s most pissed off albums. VOD may feel cursed, but they aren’t keeping quiet about it. “Gimme hate, gimme love. Gimme what I fucking deserve.”

Harangue – Feeding The Wolf EP

As an introduction to the band, the two tracks are an intense six minutes. In that short time, Harangue demonstrate a multi-faceted approach to their songcraft. Abrupt yet timely transitions from hardcore chug to frenetic freakout riffs or absolute slamming breakdowns betrays any notions of this outfit being a one-trick pony.