Frank Zappa

Glen Drover – Metalusion

While it’s obvious that the album is to be a showcase for the guitar playing, the song is always kept in mind and the solos don’t wander into ‘jam’ (DANGER!) territory. Drover has ensured that the song is the focus and kept things very tight and tasteful. The guitar work and song composition on Metalusion will not allow you to turn this into background music, it’s an album that you will definitely want turned up loud in the car.’s TOP METAL DVDs Of 2010

One of the optional categories that all Hellbound contributors were asked to write about in our year end polls was their favourite Metal DVD of 2010. As it was optional – and because not all of us watched music DVDs in 2010 – not everyone has participated but I think that it is obvious from those that had a favourite to offer that the new RUSH documentary Beyond The Lighted Stage was hands down the favourite, followed by the Norwegian black metal documentary Until The Light Takes Us. Here are the individual favourite Metal DVDs of 2010, alphabetical by writer.