This Week in Metal!

King Diamond and Nergal going under the knife (all of us at Hellbound wish them all the best and a speedy recovery), Metal Film Festivals, Year End lists and more make up “This Week in Metal”, a weekly feature that features what has gone by the past week.

Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light 1

With their latest effort, Earth toys with the idea of heaviness. Angels of Darkness… isn’t an album that pounds and pummels you into submission, but lightly glides on by, taking you along for the ride. This record exudes mellow vibes, so light a candle and close your eyes as it takes you away…

Fall Into Darkness 2009 DVD

If you ever find yourself reading press releases about metal tour announcements on the West Coast and suddenly wondering, Now why the hell am I not living in Portland? don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Thanks to local booking agent Nanotear, whose clients are some of the coolest, most cutting-edge artists in heavy music, the Oregon city has turned into a very strong metal market, a fact hammered home annually with Fall Into Darkness.