Doomeastvan – ‘Tis We

If you guessed, judging by their name, that Doomeastvan was a Vancouver doom-metal band… well, you’d only be half-right. The artwork on this album screams…

Lord Mantis – Death Mask

I namedropped the new Lord Mantis record in my Coffinworm review, so I figured I should probably say a few words about it.  Oppressive, abrasive, blacked…

Coffins – The Fleshland

Hellbound Metal: ”
While this probably takes a back seat to their countrymen in Church of Misery for me, just the fact that this Japanese death-doom squad has a new album out is saying something in itself—it’s been a full five years since their last full-length, albeit not for a lack of splits in the interim.”

Serpentine Path – self-titled

Right off the bat, you can tell this is one heavy vegetable; slow, punishing doomy riffs with deep-throated death metal growls. Winter is a definite reference here, albeit this record sounds thicker and sludgier, presumably because it wasn’t recorded in a basement.