Iron Will paints a picture of strength, on stage and off, for death metal gladiators Kataklysm

“Director Tommy Jones captures the band’s stories of challenges and victories, both drunk and sober. Every. Single. One. You want an in-depth music documentary on a death metal band? This is it.”

Ola Mazzuca reviews Iron Will: 20 Years Determined, the new 2 DVD, 2CD compilation celebrating the first twenty years of Northern Hyperblast from Quebec death metal veterans Kataklysm.

Cryptopsy – Cryptopsy

I admit when Cryptopsy first crossed my desktop I was hesitant. The clean vocals (and keyboards) of The Unspoken King left a sour taste in my mouth. Not knowing what I was getting myself in to, this self-titled rejuvenation far exceeded any expectations I had. Growing on me with every listen, Cryptopsy is becoming one of the most enjoyable death metal releases of 2012.

Staff Picks: Favourite Canadian Metal Songs

To celebrate Canada’s birthday today we has asked all the Hellbound contributors what their favourite Canadian metal songs of all time were and to write a paragraph or two why. Here is what they told us, along with youtube links to all the songs in question so you can enjoy them too.