Annex Wreckroom

Gorguts / Origin / Nero Di Marte / Fragile Existence @ Annex Wreckroom, Toronto ON, December 17, 2013

“When I was asked by my friends in Fragile Existence to come out and try my hand at doing some video recording, I had no idea what I was in for with the rest of the night. It was only weeks later that I had a look at the headline for the bill… GORGUTS.. and realized the guardian angel of death metal was watching out for me.”

Live review and photos by Danielle Griscti

The great Witch Mountain gig that nobody saw…

When Witch Mountain first came to town in June, playing on a killer bill with Castle and Blood Ceremony, it went down as one of, if not the best gig I’ve seen in Toronto this year. At the time, Rob Wrong had said something about them coming back in the fall, and thus I was pleased, if not entirely surprised, when I found out they’d be making a return trip in October. But, truth be told, the excitement of seeing them the first time wasn’t equaled by the return visit–and neither was the turnout at the second gig, for that matter.

Kylesa / Rosetta / Fight Amp @ The Annex Wreckroom, January 22nd 2011

“Kylesa have many weapons: a percussion section with a kick like a neutron bomb; thick and lovely guitar tones; a pair of excellent vocalists in Philip Cope and Laura Pleasants; licorice-dark bass work; keyboards; and even a damn theremin.”

Hellbound’s Natalie Zed reviews the recent Toronto visit from KYLESA, supported by ROSETTA and FIGHT AMP.

Early show at the Wreckroom this evening…

Note to all progressive, dual-drummer, indie-sludge enthusiasts: If you’re gonna show up after 10 for the Kylesa gig tonite, better bring your dancing shoes. The Annex Wreckroom is a venue that knows which side its bread is buttered, and as such, tonite’s gig is an early show–doors @ 7, Kylesa @ 9. Don’t say you weren’t warned.