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Iron Maple Volume II: Robert Zemeckis, Tapout, Orchid’s Curse (and more Abriosis and some Thrawsunblat too!)

Well, here we are with week two’s Iron Maple column. With any luck there won’t need to be a name change this week or anyone crying ‘conflict of interest’ with my reviews! It’s been an interesting week for me here in Iron Maple land, racking up plenty of interviews as well as a whole lot of listening. There hasn’t been a lot of new stuff coming in to Iron Maple headquarters the last two weeks, but that’s perfectly fine as I’m so back logged right now, it’s a little mind blowing.

Witchfinder Radio For the Week of August 13-19, 2012

Hey folks! Long time no post! It’s been a ridiculously busy summer in radio/OIMA/father land for me so I’m way behind on posts and reviews. I’ve cut way back on shows and am hoping to have a whole whack of stuff for you to read (and perhaps listen to) in the coming weeks. Starting today though, I thought I would post the playlists for the main radio shows that I still do (Blowing Up The Lakehead [Monday 11pm-2am] and CanKnuckle Tracks [Tuesday 10pm-1am]). You can find out more at

Thérèse Lanz of Mares of Thrace: The Hellbound Audio interview

I had the opportunity to chat with Thérèse Lanz about Mexican food, video games, being interviewed, stupid questions she is asked, Chicago (and what to eat late night), U.S. Politics and a little bit about music a few weeks prior to the release of The Pilgrimage (Sonic Unyon Metal) and the cross Canada tour that will probably be bringing Mares of Thrace close to your town. Regardless of how many times you speak to Thérèse, she is always entertaining and has a lot of very informed things to say on pretty much any topic. But mostly on tacos and video games…

Interview by Jason Wellwood.