Danielle Griscti

Danielle Griscti

1476 with Volur 2018

Völur to tour US with 1476

Just ICYMI: Toronto doom favourites Völur recently announced their first tour, including US dates, with Prophecy Productions labelmates 1476.  The trio has so far earned…

Hellbound's Best of 2017 - 6-10

Best metal of 2017: 6-10

Hellbound’s Top Metal Releases of the Year, part I Twelve Hellbound contributors named their ten favourite metal releases of 2017. Kyle Harcott tallied the…

Cover artwork hand-painted by the Norwegian artist Truls Espedal

Enslaved – E

Of course, after so many years, the excitement is already there as soon as a new Enslaved release is announced.  They continue to surprise…