Adam Wills

Adam has been a photographer for Hellbound since day 1 and also has a hand in the technical aspects of running the site.

HeavyMetalAdam Invades Heavy TO: The Homecoming

This weekend marks the first instalment of Heavy TO, Toronto’s spinoff of the previously visited Heavy MTL. Having attending the previous event in Montreal, I decided to stay a bit closer to home and catch the inaugural event here in Ontario. As I have done at the previous festivals, I’ll be live blogging throughout the weekend. Keep up, as this will be updated all weekend!

Devin Townsend ft Anneke Van Giersbergen @ Vera, Groningen, NL, June 15 2011

“There’s numerous ways that metal shows are often described: epic; intense; but the best word to describe this show? Fun. Devin is refreshingly positive and enthusiastic as he jokes, pokes fun and chats with the crowd throughout the night, all the while performing with a combination of smiles and silly faces. And when you add Anneke’s glowing charm to the mix, you can’t help but have a great time.”

Adam Wills recaps a performance abroad, seeing Devin Townsend in the Netherlands with Anneke van Giersbergen.

Powerchord 25th Anniversary with WOODS OF YPRES and the Powerchord bands!

“Woods of Ypres took to the stage about eleven, instantly at home on the Rickshaw’s roomy stage. From the opening rooooaaaaarrr of ‘The Sea of Immeasurable Loss’, it was evident that this was an even stronger band than the already-way-impressive unit I saw last year.”

Kyle Harcott reviews the 25th anniversary party for Vancouver’s Powerchord radio show on CITR, which featured Woods of Ypres, Titan’s Eve and more at the Rickshaw Theatre. Concert photography by Ted Reckoning.

Krallice / Withered / Titan / Kosmograd @ Sneaky Dee’s, Toronto ON, April 26th, 2011

“Krallice play like a thunderstorm: merciless and drenching, with a primal, electrical force. There was an extra edge to their performance this night, however, as though each raindrop in that metaphorical storm was tipped with a feather-thin blade.”

Natalie Zed reviews the recent Toronto performance from NY’s Krallice, joined by Withered and other local support. Concert photos by Adam Wills.

CAULDRON / HOLY GRAIL / ENTROPIA / BLACK WIZARD @ The Media Club, Vancouver BC, April 19, 2011

“Opening with the mighty ‘All Or Nothing’, Cauldron were in fine form as expected, their brand of Banzai-worshipping eighties metal as good live as on tape. Say all you want about Canada and power trios, but damn, Cauldron have it down pat, the three of them playing off each other like old pros, Decay and Chains even getting into vaguely-choreographed guitar mimics at one point.”

Kyle Harcott reviews the April 19th Vancouver performance by CAULDRON, HOLY GRAIL, ENTROPIA & BLACK WIZARD at the Media Club. Concert photography by Ted Reckoning