Metal Picks for Bandcamp Friday – February 2023

Ah, it’s the first Bandcamp Friday of 2023! Things are looking pretty great so far, with a few stellar releases already available and a ton of stuff upcoming in February/March.

In the past few editions of this recurring feature, Danielle (hi!) being a bit scatterbrained and sporadic, has listed a variety of new releases, pre-orders and anything else that happened to catch my attention.  In an effort to keep things a little bit clearer, I’ll keep this one exclusive to what has already been released in the past month and is listen-able right now via the handy Bandcamp player.  It’s almost always going to be full-lengths, but you might find a single peppered in here and there.

But, but… what about all the pre-orders, you say? Don’t worry, we’ll get to those too.  Just stay tuned.  If you really really need to know exactly what this overcaffeinated, riff-crazy anti-critic is listening to and/or freaking out about on an almost daily basis, you can follow along on Instagram (@riffsdontlie).  Now, enough of my wordy context, let’s get into those January gems :

released January 9, 2023

Atmospheric/Post-Black Metal from Saint Agatha, Maine

released January 13, 2023 (single)

Death/Doom from Denver, Colorado

released January 20, 2023

Dark Ambient/Post-Metal from Toronto, Ontario

released January 20, 2023

Gothic Doom from Vancouver, British Columbia


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