Hellbound Interviews : STREET TOMBS – February 2023

Street Tombs Photo by Caitlyn Stuart

It’s February and everyone up here in Canada is reaching the end of their patience with the cold weather and gloom.  Enter Street Tombs, from Santa Fe, New Mexico bringing some heat with their debut full-length, “Reclusive Decay“.  The album releases via Carbonized Records on February 17th.  Hellbound’s Danielle Griscti sent along a small barrage of questions via email to find out a little bit more about this thrashing death metal four-piece – you can read their exchange below :

Hellbound : Hi, folks of Street Tombs! First of all, thanks for taking the time for an interview with Hellbound.ca.  We’re an online Canadian magazine that’s been around since 2009 and we live for metal.  I’m Danielle, a photographer/writer, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying “Reclusive Decay” at full volume! How about we start with, who’s on the other end here – your name and role in the band?

Street Tombs: Hi Danielle, I’m David and I play guitar and backing vocals.  Glad you’re digging the record.  We are all excited for it to finally be out.

HB : Great, now that’s out of the way, I saw that this is your first full-length, but you formed as a band in 2017 and have released three demos since 2018.  You’ve also hosted shows at a venue called “The Cave” in your hometown of Santa Fe.  For someone who’s never been there, can you describe what The Cave is all about? What have been some of your favorite experiences there?

The Cave was a DIY venue that a few of us within the Santa Fe scene started as a place to rock local gigs due to lack of venues and support for heavy and punk music in Santa Fe.  It quickly gained attention and became a New Mexico staple for local, touring, and international bands to play.  It had a unique vibe, atmosphere, and sounded incredible for a warehouse space.  We also built a skate ramp for an all around ripping good time.  People and bands really appreciated the support and the culture there.  Just about every show there was a blast.  Unfortunately, we lost the Cave over the pandemic due to the building being sold.

HB : When did you write the material for “Reclusive Decay” – would you say it reflects the energy & experiences you’ve had in the DIY community in Santa Fe? What else was on your minds during the writing & recording process?

The album was written over the pandemic in 2020-2021.  I suppose to an extent it reflects our experiences with the Cave and the overall energy that was there.  That’s basically where we spawned from.  I’m sure subconsciously the experience of Covid fears, societal collapse, lockdowns and everything that came with the political climate at the time held space in all our minds during the writing times of the record.


HB : What are some of the bands you grew up listening to, and that were the introduction to sounds that made you feel the first sparks of what would eventually become STREET TOMBS? In other words did you have a kind of “awakening” to heavy music at some point?

Heavy music was always around growing up.  My uncle was taking me to see Slayer and Black Sabbath from a young age.  That and skate videos probably set me on the path to thrash forever.  Everyone in the band has their own experiences but we all seemed to just know how this band should be.

HB : You have a few upcoming tour dates across the states, supporting UADA – which of those stops are you most looking forward to and why?

We only did one show with them at Launchpad in Albuquerque.  It was very rockin.

HB : Besides those upcoming shows that are already scheduled, what are some places you’d really like to bring STREET TOMBS in the future, or bands you’d love to play alongside after this tour?

We’re pretty much down to rock wherever people want us.  The Bay area and Northwest would be cool to play.  Canada too! We’d love to jam or tour with our label mates on Carbonized Records.

HB : Anything else you’d like to share with our readers at Hellbound.ca?

Thanks so much for reaching out, we really appreciate the support!

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