Tithe – Inverse Rapture Review


On February 17th , Tithe will release their 2 nd album after Penance (2020) titled Inverse Rapture; and
released in conspiracy with Profound Lore Records.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Tithe are a trio consisting of Kevin Swartz, Matt Eiseman and Alex
Huddleston. They play a hybrid of Death/Doom and Grindcore that’s fast, heavy and unrelenting. Inverse
Rapture, compared to Penance, is similar in execution albeit, much faster, heavier and gruesome than
their previous efforts. The wall of sound they create is surely enough to level the stage in live
performances. This album will certainly please the fans of Lord Mantis(US) and Minors(CA) in their
similar execution of vocals and melody.

While listening to this album, you’ll lose track of time when listening and it’ll be over before you know it. Inverse Rapture is a perfect workout album in its speed and tone. While it is unrelenting, heavy and fast, it doesn’t really strike as anything I would personally be able to listen to over and over. An album like this certainly is a welcome addition to the Profound Lore roster and is well paired with some dumbbell skullcrushers. If there would be one sentence to sum this album up it would be this: Inverse Rapture is exactly what you expect it to be, fast, ruthless and pummeling for a kickass 30 minutes that flies by.

Kevin S. – Drums
Matt E. – Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
Alex H. – Bass

Format: Digital, CD, LP


7.0 Rating