Bandcamp Friday Picks – September 2022

Today – it’s time again for Bandcamp Friday, where the folks over at Bandcamp completely waive their revenue share in order to offer more support directly to the artists.

More info is on the Bandcamp blog.  Here are a couple of picks to guide you in navigating the huge catalogue that’s available:

SilurianEnd of Ordovicia

Blackened Death featuring members of Suffering Hour, Sunless and Grand Demise of Civilization.”

Released September 2, 2022 | Ordovician Records

Lustre – A Thirst for Summer Rain

” ‘A Thirst for Summer Rain’ has a core of warm, ethereal ambience, but is coated in the eerie and harrowing darkness of 90s black metal.”

Released August 26, 2022 | Nordvis

Luminous VaultAnimate the Emptiness

On their long awaited follow-up to 2017’s Charismata EP, guitarist/vocalist Mario Diaz de Leon (Oneirogen, Bloodmist) and bassist/vocalist Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain, Aeviterne) present a bold and unique hybrid of black/death metal and electronic music. ”

Released May 20, 2022 | Profound Lore Records

Spirit Possession – Spirit Possession

SPIRIT POSSESSION is a new raw and erratic black heavy metal entity emerging from the old school origin depths. They are a duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist S. Peacock (Ulthar, Mastery, Pandiscordin Necrogenesis) and A. Spungin (Ormus, Tarus) on drums and handmade synthesizers.”

Released July 24, 2020 | Profound Lore Records

Oranssi Pazuzu – (re-releases)

Since birth, ORANSSI PAZUZU, ‘The Demon Of The Wind With The Colour Of Cosmic Energy,’ has never been satisfied to stick with a formula. Each album has seen the band expand upon its previous incarnation and then, like a supernova, blow it up and transform again into something recognizable but completely new.

Multiple re-releases | Svart Records

Greber – Cemetery Preston

While Greber’s upcoming release “Fright Without” is not yet available on Bandcamp, you can still dive into their pummelling hybrid of grind and sludgey doom with their previous full-length.

Released February 2, 2018 | Ancient Temple Recordings~d7i Records / Hibernation / Pink Lemonade

Raphael Weinroth-Browne – Worlds Within

An “it’s metal but it isn’t” selection, as classical crossover artist Raphael Weinroth-Browne & his trusty cello have created a truly inexhaustible piece of art that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

Released July 2, 2021

Note from Danielle:

As this is the first post I am publishing since learning of her untimely passing, I would like to dedicate this small contribution to the memory of my longtime friend, colleague, and forever fellow sci-fi weirdo, Dr. Laura Wiebe.  Please read more about Laura in the memorial feature to her life’s work, below:

Dr. Laura Wiebe (11 January 1976 – 16 August 2022)

Contributor of photos and plenty of rambling - also on Instagram & Youtube @riffsdontlie