The Slackers – “Windowland” / “I Almost Lost You” 12” digitally-printed single

The Slackers
“Windowland” / “I Almost Lost You” (12” Digitally-Printed single)
(Pirates Press Records)

It can be fun to write a short review once in a while and, when one addresses The Slackers’ newest single, “Windowland,” it’s impossible to not be brief. Clocking in at less than ten minutes total, the two songs on the single (“I Almost Lost You” is the second cut in the running but, because both songs appear on the same side of the record, calling “I Almost Lost You” a B-side would not be correct) are both short (but not quick) and to-the-point. “Windowland” glows with the same kind of soulful, poppy ska-punk that The Slackers both famous and celebrated for decades ago, and “I Almost Lost You” plays like the dictionary definition of a B-side; it’s a strong, but not particularly memorable, cut.

That experience sounds alright, doesn’t it, reader? It is pretty good indeed – except, even while it plays, listeners know it could be better. The problem with this single is that the two cuts included could easily have fit on 7” which causes one to wonder why such an effort was made to create such a “fancy-schmancy” 12” UV digitally printed release instead of just pressing a conventional 7” single, the old-fashioned way. The answer is as simple as it is inconvenient: The Slackers saw an opportunity to wring a few more dollars out of a release, and so they took it. While the two songs included are good enough, this release is ultimately characterized by its own self-indulgence. Yes, the “Windowland” 12” digitally-printed single is neat – but it’s certainly not necessary. [Bill Adams]


The 12” Digitally-Printed “Windowland” / “I Almost Lost You” single is out now. Buy it here directly from Pirates Press Records.

Bill Adams is Editor-in-Chief of Ground Control Mag.