Staff Playlists – October 2020

Welcome to Hellbound’s latest collection of staff picks and playlists. Enjoy these recommendations along with our added slaughter season category. Let us know what you’re listening to in the comments. And Happy Halloween!

Bill Adams 

Listening to: Tom Petty – Wildflowers & All The Rest (3LP reissue)

New release: Tom Petty – Wildflowers & All The Rest (3LP reissue)

Non-Metal: Annie Lennox – Diva LP

Wild card: Northfield – Happy Place LP

Slaughter season: Stomper 98 – Althergeleracht 

Steve Earles 

Listening to: Mastodon – Medium Rarities. Excellent collection! Next, they need to do a proper vinyl release of the Jonah Hex soundtrack, one of the best things they have ever done, and criminally unknown. Floyd meets Voivod. 

Slaughter season: It has to be something from John Carpenter, Halloween,
The Fog, and especially Prince of Darkness.

Ioan Eofor

Listening to: Sumerlands – Sumerlands
New release: Bring Me The Horizon – Post Human: Survival Horror 
Live: Children of Bodom Live Stockholm 
Non-Metal: Triple One – Panic Force
Wild card: The Hobbit (Rankin & Bass) 
Slaughter season: Pumpkin Witch – Hovel of The Pumpkin Witch

Arta Gailuma

Listening to: Wagakki Band

New release: Auðn – Vökudraumsins Fangi. Released October 30th, 2020 via Season Of Mist

Wild card: After a long time, I got back into watching anime. 5 Centimetres per Second is such a beautiful one.

Slaughter season: On the anime note: Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Gruesome Greg

Listening to: Judas Priest
New release: Serpents of Secrecy — Ave Vindicta
Live: Earthless’ live stream last weekend was pretty sweet.
Slaughter season: Halloween III, the cheesiest of all Halloween movies.

John Rauðúlfr

New release: Wayfarer – A Romance With Violence

Live: Rotting Christ – Early Days Songs Live Stream

Non-Metal: Sidewalks and Skeletons – Entity

Wild card: Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 1

Slaughter season: Bauhaus – The Sky’s Gone Out

Sarah Riley

Listening to: MØL – Jord (Holy Roar Records, 2018)

New release: Demonical – World Domination. Released October 23rd, 2020, via Agonia Records

Live: Kronik Noise – Metal Mondays Live Stream: Ft. Alex Snape & Ioan Eofor of Unbowed

Non-Metal: Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer – Tam Lin (Child 39) (Child Ballads, Wilderland Records, 2013)

Daniel Smith 

Listening to: Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages
New release: Wayfarer – A Romance with Violence
Non-Metal: Interpol – El Pintor
Wild card: Game of Thrones, Season 1
Slaughter season: Antichrist, Dir. Larson Von Trier (2009)

Adam Wills

Listening to: Iress – Flaw
New release: Pallbearer – Forgotten Days
Live: I wish!
Non-Metal: Emma Ruth Rundle – On Dark Horses
Wild card: Memories of Murder (dir. Bong Joon-ho)





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